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7 bökee Uses in the First Two Years

7 bökee Uses in the First Two Years - bökee

If you ask moms and dads to describe the first two years of parenthood, they are likely to use words like whirlwind, exhaustion, and a blur. Parenting through the newborn and toddler days isn’t for the faint of heart, which is precisely why the bökee came about in the first place.

Two new dads were looking for a way to make bottle feedings a little easier during those early days, and the bökee was the solution. It allows parents to prepare bottles one-handed while holding and soothing a hungry baby at the same time. To get one for yourself or a busy parent in your life, check out our online shop.

So Much Growth in Your Baby’s First Two Years

In human development terms, birth to two years old is the infancy stage. Children in this stage do a tremendous amount of growing and developing for such tiny beings. Their brains double in size during the first year to accommodate all of the learning they are doing.

Your baby's first two years will include tremendous growth and development. The bökee can help you keep up.he

From babbling to using words, tummy time to walking, the first two years of life bring an impressive amount of change. And when you add in an emerging sense of independence, watch out. Parenting through all of this growth can feel like a roller coaster for sure!

Best Uses for the bökee in the First Two Years

Even though life is busy when taking care of babies and toddlers, you have a friend to help. Here are seven of the top uses for the bökee in your baby’s first two years.

1. Bottle Preparation

The bökee’s initial reason for being was to help parents prep bottles for their squirmy, cranky, hungry babies. It acts as a spare hand by holding a bottle still as you pour in formula or breast milk and screw or unscrew the lid.

When babies are fussy and hungry, parents usually have to put them down somewhere like a swing while making the bottle, listening to them cry and scream. But with the bökee, you don’t have to put your crying child down to prep their bottle. Instead, you can hold and soothe them while getting the bottle ready. It’s a win-win!

Using the bökee also helps you avoid spills of that precious breast milk or spendy formula when prepping bottles. Protect those valuable commodities with the bökee’s help. It’s also an excellent option for holding your silicone pump when full to avoid spills. Keeping a bökee on your nightstand is perfect for middle-of-the-night pumping and feeding sessions.

2. Medication Help

Have you ever had to give a baby medicine? Spoiler alert: it’s not fun. If you’re administering medication to a little one, it generally means they feel crummy. And they want to be held. And they’re fussy. And you’re tired.

The bökee can securely hold many over-the-counter and prescription medicine bottles. You can open the bottle while holding and comforting your baby. Now, if only there were an invention to stop kids from spitting out their medication!

3. Moving onto Solid Foods

The bökee and bökee bowl help make self-feeding more successful and less messy.

Once your baby is ready for you to introduce solid foods, things can really get messy. The bökee and bökee bowl suction securely to highchair trays to help avoid spills as you feed your child. This suction also provides stability as your baby begins to self-feed.

Full disclosure: the bökee won’t stop your child from smearing pureed carrots into their hair. So be sure to have your phone ready for photos.

4. Cooking with Your Child

When it’s time for you to cook dinner, your children are always their most calm and cheerful selves, right?

***Cue maniacal laughter***

Just about every parent has experienced the so-called witching hour. You’re hungry and tired, and so are your little ones, and pretty soon, everyone is stressed at the worst possible time.

With the bökee, however, you can have a child on your hip or in your arms and still open jars and bottles as you cook.

The bökee makes cooking and food prep much simpler, even when holding a child.

Once your child is out of the infant stage and fully into toddlerhood, they may enjoy helping you in the kitchen. Of course, a toddler’s help tends to create more work for the parent. But with the original bökee and the bökee bowl, your little one can work alongside you without too many spills.

Kids can help measure dry ingredients like spices into the bökee. And they can mix them all without worrying about knocking over the bowl or bökee.

5. Toddlers Practicing Self-Help Skills

Toddlers really enjoy discovering their independence. And as exciting as it is to watch this development, it can be quite messy, too. When your little one wants to pour their own drinks or cereal, the bökee can be a lifesaver.

The original bökee also fits many different sippy cups, allowing your child to practice pouring into a stable cup. The strong suction cup and 100% food-grade silicone make the bökee products a safe choice for toddlers who are working on their self-help skills.

6. Assist Grandparents When Caring For Your Baby

The bökee helps grandparents navigate bottle preparation more easily.

Parents are usually ecstatic when the grandparents are willing to be on duty for a while. Often, much-needed date nights and self-care are possible only because of grandparents.

Many people in that age range experience arthritis and other challenges that make opening bottles difficult. With the bökee at the ready, grandparents can more easily open containers as they prep bottles and meals.

7. Protect the Pacifiers

You likely have pacifiers all over your house. Place a bökee near your kitchen sink to hold binkies after you wash them or to keep them away from dirty dishes. Having this dedicated spot can also make sure no pacifiers accidentally end up down the disposal.

Gain Some Ease and Peace of Mind

Infancy and the toddler years are incredibly rewarding but also unbelievably intense. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of ease with the bökee.

Our unique design, born out of fatigue and need, makes one-handed bottle preparation possible. And it provides so many other benefits, too. Pick up one for each room in the house today!