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The bökee Story

The story of the bökee began when two friends had babies on the exact same day. During a late night frantic baby bottle prep session, inspiration struck…

Why did making a bottle take two hands when you often only have one available?


Why did you have to set your baby down or wear a carrier just to prepare a bottle?

The whole process seemed disruptive and unnecessary. The two friends agreed this was a problem worth solving and decided to create a better way.

They envisioned a bottle prep accessory that enabled one-handed prep for any existing bottle or sippy cup. They wanted the design to be minimalist and clean, something that parents would be happy to have out on counters amongst a sea of busy, baby-themed accessories. After many iterations, the bökee was born.

Today, the bökee is used in homes around the world for everything from making bottles and sippy cups to preventing spills while transferring breast milk from pump bag to bottle, and even for getting the lid off medicine or a stubborn pickle jar. It is a product that continues to reveal ways it can be helpful to families everywhere, and we hope it is useful to yours.