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The story of the bökee began after our twins were born prematurely. Sitting in the NICU, Lauren and I knew we had a long road ahead of us, but looking back, we had no idea what was to come. Elodie was born at 3lbs 15 oz and spent 5 weeks in the NICU. Owen was just 1lb 13oz and spent 8 weeks there.

When both kids were finally home, their feeding needs quickly went down different paths. Elodie took to nursing naturally, doing so for 20 months, whereas Owen went between everything from nursing to pumped milk, donor milk, to formula - and ultimately to being fed through a feeding tube. Just like any new parents, Lauren and I spent many sleepless nights consoling our crying babies (and each other), making bottles at all hours of the day, and generally trying to keep it together. 

It was during one of those nights when I went to make (yet another) bottle that it hit me… why did I need to put my crying baby down or wear a carrier just so I could get the top on and off? The whole process seemed disruptive and unnecessary when all one of my hands actually does in those instances is hold the bottle in place. I couldn’t let this thought go.  

The next week I was at an event with one of my longtime friends, Andrew - dad of three (the 2nd being born the same day as our twins!) and an amazing engineer who has worked on everything from VR headsets, cell phones, and self-driving cars - and told him that I was hellbent on creating a solution to this bottle-prep problem. Immediately relating to the pain point himself, Andrew quickly jumped in, and together we began the collaboration that would ultimately lead to the bökee. 

Our ideation led to the realization that a bottle prep accessory that worked with any existing bottle or sippy cup would create the best experience for parents and caregivers. And we wanted it to be beautiful - something that we would be happy to have out on our own counters amongst a sea of bright, baby-themed products. After many iterations and lots of input from our wives (who quickly fell in love with the idea), the bökee was born. 

Today, the bökee is used in homes around the world for everything from making bottles and sippy cups, to transferring breast milk from pump bag to bottle, and even for getting the lid off a stubborn pickle jar. Lauren, my wife, officially joined the team in late 2019 to lead our marketing efforts and partner relations, and the momentum continues to grow as parents and caregivers everywhere discover our simple solution to a universal parenting problem. Our hope is that it helps your family during your challenging bottle and sippy prep, and that you’ll share the good, the bad, and the hilarious moments with us. 

Best wishes from our families to yours,



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