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Best Budget-Friendly Baby Gifts (All Under $25!) 

We know you put a lot of thought into finding the perfect gift for the newest baby in your life. You want it to be unique and useful...but you also don’t want it to break the bank. So whether you’re on a budget and need to find a baby gift that wows on its own or you’re just looking for that last little something to bring your gift altogether, we’re sure one of these options under $25 will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Every item on this list is perfect for any of your baby gift-giving needs - baby shower, the holidays, or just to congratulate the new parents. The only problem is...which one to choose?!

Baby Feeding Gifts Under $25

With up to 12 breast or bottle feeds per day for newborns, babies spend a large portion of their day consuming calories. They have to get squishy and chubby after all! Add in the solid foods baby will start eating around 6 months, and feeding time gives parents a lot to think about. You can help out by getting a gift that can make that time just a tad easier on them.

The bökee

Easing up the job of parenting is the name of the game with this bottle prep accessory.

If you’re a parent yourself, then you know how a baby can go from 0 - 60 when they’re hungry. And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see this in action, I’ll just tell you what it looks like: a tired mama wrangling a wailing baby in one arm while trying to hurry as fast as she can to make her baby’s bottle with the other hand. It’s awkward and takes too long and sometimes makes a big mess. The solution you can offer? The bökee. This allows anyone to make a bottle one-handed efficiently without the risk of spills. It’s also one of the very best kinds of gifts you can give - one with multiple uses that actually grows with a child.

It even won the JPMA Best Product Under $25 for 2020 and made the Forbes Holiday Gift Guide for what to get your colleagues, employees and clients.

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EZPZ Mini Mat

Babies are notorious for throwing everything on the floor. Now we can’t tell you that this suctioning silicone food mat will prevent little ones from tossing food on the ground in fits of laughter, but at least it won’t be their entire plate. We love that this has 3 compartments to help introduce different foods to a self-feeding eater. It’s the perfect size to fit onto a baby’s high chair tray and the smiley face design staring up at them as they eat adds just the right amount of fun to the eating experience.

Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder

It’s great when babies can start doing more on their own. But there’s a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to learning how to eat (and actually get more in their mouth then all over their face and clothes). That’s why the parents receiving the Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder as a gift will be so thankful. This feeder allows a baby to feed themselves solid food independently without making such a huge mess. It’s also great for freezing food inside to soothe a teething baby’s gums (while getting nutrients at the same time.)

Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs

Baby spit-up is pretty much unavoidable. This fact combined with teething drool probably means your friend or family member’s baby will end up needing to wear some type of bib all day long. These bandana bibs are the perfect size, even for a baby who is already crawling all around. The adjustable nickel-free snaps of these bibs (suitable for ages 3 - 36 months) are simple for mom or dad to pop off but secure enough that a baby or toddler can’t yank it off. And the prints? We just can’t get over the cuteness of sushi and tacos.

Baby Sleeping Gifts Under $25

Did you know that babies sleep AT LEAST half their day away through their first birthday? With all that sleeping you want to make sure they’re cozy and comfortable through every single Zzzz.

Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle

We just had to include the classic muslin swaddles from Aden and Anais. They’re truly perfection and are something that the baby in your life will be able to use for years to come.

What starts as swaddle blanket (that actually allows for that super snug fit a baby needs to stay cozy), can then be used as a nursing cover, and later turns into a security blanket...and in my girls’ case as they got a bit older? The only swaddle their teddy bears and dolls would ever need. Will the baby end up with multiple Aden and Anais muslin swaddles? Perhaps. But with so many design options, you can find one that’s unique...and I promise every single one of these will be used and loved.

Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack

We love these swaddle sleep sacks for the youngest babies because they’re fool proof. Little Houdini babies may be able to work themselves out of a swaddle blanket, but any swaddling-challenged parents feel like pros. They’re a true classic and that’s for good reason. If you’re buying for a baby who is already rolling, we suggest the classic sleep sack wearable blankets. Out of all the sleep sacks my babies used, these were the favorite...using them up til the very point they were each finally too big to fit inside.

Fisher-Price Twinkle & Cuddle Cloud Soother

Baby sleep experts often recommend utilizing lullabies or white noise as part of a calming sleep routine. So we recommend helping the parents out by getting this Twinkle and Cuddle Cloud Soother to help them to get their baby sleeping as restfully as possible. It’s completely customizable with the choice of a selection of songs, 5 soothing nature sounds, varying volume, and light color choices. Perfect to hang on a crib for now, and sure to become a best friend as they grow.

Burt’s Bees Zip-Up Footie Pajamas

It’s tough to find a pajama option as great as the ones from Hanna Andersson, but unless those are on sale, they’re pretty pricey for a little pair of PJs. With Burt’s Bees sleepers you get just as many pattern and color options and can almost buy two pairs within your $25 budget (just in case you can fudge it just a tad.) From really girly to all boy and everything in between, these 100% organic cotton GOTS certified baby jammies are all as cute as can be.

Baby Playtime Gifts Under $25

Babies need lots of opportunities to play with toys that build their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and allow them to begin to problem solve. Yet, you don’t want to fill up your friend or family member’s house with a bunch of plastic junk either. These baby toys under $25 all help with development while fitting right in with a minimalist decor.

Mushie Stacking Cups

So many toys these days are made of colorful plastic. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and every parent is going to end up with some of these. But when they start overrunning a house, it can get overwhelming very quickly. There are just better options out there that many parents don’t even think about. Which is why you can bring some of these awesome toys to their attention - with these silicone stacking cups that come in beautiful subdued tones. And when they’re not in use, they all fit snugly together for easy clean up and stowing.

Melissa and Doug Soft Activity Books

Once a baby starts teething, good luck trying to keep those board books out of his mouth. Soft activity books are a great alternative. We love any of the options from Melissa and Doug because not only are they super baby-friendly, but they’re also great for interactive play with the little stuffed characters that complement the story. And after baby does chew and drool all over it? It’ll all come out in the wash.

Estella Organic Baby Rattles

Rattles have been a beloved baby toy for centuries. That’s because they’re excellent for stimulating a baby’s senses - with the sound it makes as they follow it around with their eyes. And well, these Estella hand-knitted rattles could not be cuter. Handmade in Peru with intention, these rattles are GOTS certified organic and use non-jarring rattles. This makes a great gift on its own or can make the perfect topper for a unique added touch.

Plan Toys Watercolor Sensory Blocks

Every toy from Plan Toys is pretty fantastic, so it was tough to choose a favorite! But we narrowed it down to these watercolor sensory blocks, made exclusively for Pottery Barn Kids, sure to delight the senses of the littlest learners. These aren’t your typical wooden blocks because inside each one is something different for a baby to love. The inside of each of these is what make them especially fun for playtime - each includes something special: wooden ball, plastic beads, kaleidoscope lens, mirror and felt.

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Baby Comfort Gifts Under $25

The world can be a big and overwhelming place for babies, and that means they need a lot of tender loving care. Anything that helps soothe and comfort a little one is a big win in our book. And if it’s an affordable option? Even better.

Honest Co. Truly Calming Bath time

Bath time is great to include as part of a relaxing sleep routine. Using the scent of lavender is the perfect way to calm a baby’s senses as you scrub them nice and clean and get them ready for bed. We love pretty much everything from Honest (might as well throw in some of those darling diapers while you're at it), and these bath time essentials are no exception. Ingredients like almond oil, Jojoba, aloe vera, and coconut oil which moisturize and soothe the skin will are gentle on new baby skin.

Doddle and Co. Pop Pacifier

According to the Bump, between 60 and 85 percent of babies are using pacifiers. So chances are, the baby you’re buying for does (or will), too. (If you’re not sure, reach out and ask the parents!) There are lots of pacifiers to choose from and most of them are pretty similar. But these Doddle and Co. Pop pacifiers are extra special. The thing is, pacifiers are great for soothing babies, but they also run the risk of getting pretty dirty on the daily. These pacifiers have a special mechanism that pops the nipple portion back in as soon as the pacifier falls to the ground, making minimal cleaning necessary. Pretty genius!

Jellycat Soothers for Baby

These super soft plush soothers are a tiny blankie and stuffy in one. They are suitable from birth on upwards and it’s sure to turn into the little lovey that the sweet baby in your life takes with them everywhere they go. And though you can choose a more standard option like a bunny, we especially love the unique options they have such as an avocado, watermelon, and octopus.