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The bökee: The Bottle Prep Accessory Parents Need

You know you're in for some challenges when you become a parent. Sleepless nights, hours spent nursing or bottle-feeding, along with some FOMO are to be expected. But it's worth it because you'll be enamored with this tiny human you created. While your love grows for your baby, so do the day-to-day hiccups you didn't see coming...all the while wondering how you missed "one-handed bottle prep" in the parenting job description.

It's the so-called menial tasks that no one really talks about before you have a baby that actually makes you go a little crazy as a parent. Like, making a bottle should be easy right? But attempting to prepare one while simultaneously trying to calm and console your baby has suddenly made this the most stressful part of your day.

But it doesn't have to be anymore. The bökee is the accessory you need to simplify this aspect of your parenting. Such a big help, yet simple in design, it's the baby product that will have you saying, "Why didn't I think of that?"

What is the bökee?

Have I piqued your interest on how the bökee is going to save you every time you make a bottle? Let's get to it.

So, what is the bökee?

The bökee is a food-grade silicone device that suctions to any hard surface and allows you to easily prep a bottle one-handed. Once a bottle is secured inside, you can easily remove the cap, fill it with breastmilk or formula (no spilling!), and replace the cap. This product grows with your family - the perfect accessory for managing sippy cups, too.

So, how do we know you need this? Because we've been in the trenches.

We've tried making bottles one-handed (trying to keep our babies calm in the other) in a zombie-like state at 2 a.m., only to end up with milk all over the counter. Bad enough when it was formula; enough to open up a floodgate of tears when it was the liquid gold pumped the day before.

We needed a solution. We needed bökee.

How the bökee Works

Now that you know what the bökee is, we want you to have a clear understanding of how exactly it works.

We highly recommend watching the video below to see the bökee in action. This will give you a view into a parent's home using the bottle prep accessory to see how it can fit into your daily life caring for a little one (or multiple children).


In a nutshell, here are the 3 (one-handed) simple steps of how to bökee:

1.) Push the bökee down firmly to suction to a hard surface (think countertop or table).

2.) Gently place the bottle, sippy cup or breastmilk bag into the bökee until you feel it "grip" against the sloped wall.

3.) Apply gentle pressure as you loosen or tighten the bottle cap.

That's it!

You've successfully prepared a bottle with one-hand - keeping your baby soothed and happy in your other arm while doing so. You didn't have to put your baby down or put them in a carrier to prep a bottle.

If it seems incredibly simple to use, that's because it is! Though we'd say it's enough that the bökee makes life easier one bottle at a time, we can't ignore the fact that this contraption can do so much more.

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Multiple Uses of the bökee

The two-dad founding team set out to solve the daily frustration of parents everywhere when they created the bökee. Though it was born from a desire to make bottle-prep as quick and painless as possible, it was quickly realized that its benefit didn't stop there.

There isn't just one way to bökee!

The Pumping Mom

There are many moms who exclusively pump breastmilk and others who frantically create a stash during maternity leave before heading back to work. The bökee is the perfect complement to the pumping experience.

I can't tell you how many times I spilled breastmilk from setting down the top heavy bottle with the pump attachment screwed onto the top. The bökee is the perfect place to set one of the bottle/flange sets while you deal with the other.

On top of that, there was many a time that I would be pumping on one side while simultaneously feeding my baby on the opposite breast. Of course, this is a juggle in and of itself; one which you'd prefer to focus on getting your baby the nutrition they need without having to worry about the bottle staying upright when you finish pumping.

Then there are those tricky storage bags. Filling up your baby's bottle from a stored bag of breastmilk just got a whole lot easier.

Bottom line: If you pump, you need the bökee.

With a Sick Baby

If you've ever had a sick baby, then you know that feeling of helplessness. Trying to do anything to make your baby feel better when they can't tell you what's wrong tugs at your heart. Though the bökee won't fix your baby's illness, it can step in to take at least one stressor off your plate. Mom Janelle Y. writes about her experience using the bökee with her little boy:

"The bökee has been so helpful! One night I needed to give my son Motrin but had no way to hold him, the bottle of medicine, and draw the syringe. The bökee kept the Motrin in place and allowed me to get the medicine without putting my son down!"

In that moment, her baby needed her and he also needed his medicine to reduce his pain. With the bökee, she didn't need to leave him for even a second.

For the "Independent" Child

It won't be long before you reach the, "I can do it myself!" stage with your kiddo. You want your child to start becoming more independent, but you already know what's coming when your child wants to pour the orange juice into their cup themselves. With the bökee, your child can start doing this task on their own (and you won't have to lose your mind when the entire container lands on the floor.)

Those Tricky Lids

Though not created for this purpose, you'll be happy to have the bökee readily available for your own use. Creator Brandon shares here that it can "even be used to get the lid off of a stubborn pickle jar."

We're confident that you'll find even more ways to use your bökee. A product that continues to fit into your family's life no matter how much it grows and changes is definitely something we can get behind.

Did you know? The bökee was voted as one of JPMA's Most Innovative Baby Products.

bökee: The Parenting Hack You Need

There's a lot that you just deal with as a parent because, honestly, it pales in comparison to the perfect little human you get the joy of caring for every single day. But when there are ways to make this parenting gig just a little bit easier, you take it. Thanks, bökee.

bökee FAQ

What bottles and sippy cups will fit in the Bökee?

One bökee fits all! Any bottle or sippy cup you choose to use with your little one is compatible with the Bökee.

How do I wash the bökee?

The food-grade silicone bökee is dishwasher-safe! It can also be quickly wiped down or washed in the sink (no extra parts to worry about.)

What colors does the bökee come in?

Soft White, Light Grey, and Robin's Egg Blue. See them here!

Would the bökee be a good gift?

Absolutely! This is something any new parent needs and the darling packaging makes it even better.



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